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Radio is a free source of audio entertainment  for people everywhere. Radio is heard by 92% of the population not only  “on the air” in cars these days but also on-line via computers, laps tops, smart phone apps and smart speakers. You can invite the thousands of people who listen to WBPM each week to visit your business via a customized advertising program . No matter what your ad budget, we can help create a schedule that will broadcast your message to our audience.

Whether your commercial is a one voice narrative, a dialogue between people, or features a cast of thousands  (figuratively speaking of course!)  we can use the intimacy of the  radio medium to create an effective marketing vehicle  at a surprisingly low cost!

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Randy Turner

Program Director

Sales Manager: Greg Bilotta Phone: 203-521-1641


Call Letters: WBPM

Frequency: 92.9 FM

Power: 6,000 watts

Coverage Area: Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, Greene (streaming)

Format: 60’s 70’s & 80’s Classic Hits

Target: Adults 35-54

Owner: Pamal Broadcasting

Contact: Randy Turner [email protected]

Phone: 845 340 1555 (Kingston) | 845 838 6000 (Beacon)

92.9 WBPM
721 Broadway
Suite 101
Kingston, NY 12401




  1. WBPM targets Ulster & Dutchess (No waste outside client’s business trading area).
  2. WBPM’s core audience is age 35-54… (in their higher earning/consumer spending years.)
  3. WBPM plays more songs each hour (audience perceives we have a larger playlist)
  4. WBPM’s loyal audience listens longer (which means they hear more commercials)
  5. WBPM commercials reach more people (More impressions mean more results).
  6. WBPM commercials are unique (to make you sound different than anyone else)
  7. WBPM plays fewer commercials in each break (you will be noticed.)
  8. WBPM promotions get results (we give each sponsored promotion a lot of attention)
  9. WBPM is community minded (we give back to our community)
  10. WBPM is local and independently owned (your ad dollars stay in New York State)

Plus, WBPM can you help you market your business in the digital space.  Contact us to create a complete on air and online marketing solution with our in house digital marketing department.  Click the logo below for more details