When Bob Miller was just a youngster, back before they had things like the wheel and, ya know, fire, all he could dream about was one day playing 3rd base for the Chicago Cubs. He was obsessed. Then, his father, realizing that dream was probably never going to happen, sat him down and said, “Son, playing professional baseball takes determination, talent and perseverance, none of which you possess in great quantity. Why not just become a disc jockey” And, so it began.

After making stops and spinning vinyl at radio stations all along the eastern seaboard, Miller finally settled on The Hudson Valley where he met his lovely wife, Michele, who begged and pleaded with him never to tell her parents what he actually did for a living. He listened and honored that request and they both went to their graves thinking he was big time fire-eater with Barnum & Bailey.

No, he never played pro baseball but he did spill a beer on Pete Rose once at Wrigley Field. (true) and remains The Cubbies #1 fan. Miller is extremely superstitious. He hates odd numbers, plastic forks and socks, among a million other things.

Miller’s radio idol is, and has always been, Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of “The 9th Caller.”

Wake up with Bob Miller weekday mornings right here on 92.9 WBPM.

Hey all…!   It’s J.J. Carter and I can’t believe we have been together for so long each day at work here at 92.9 WBPM.

I am one of the original airstaff members of WBPM and I can honestly say that we have the best listeners, I feel like you all know everything about me … but in case you don’t, here are some random facts about me.   If I missed anything or if you have more questions, let me know.
















It’s October 2018 as I write this update and I’m simply amazed that I’ve been active in radio for over 33 years –  21 ½ of that has been spent in the Hudson Valley.   I honestly thought I would be here for a couple years and wind up somewhere else … but I guess I really do live here now.

I’ve been doing the “Rolling Home Show” since the mid-90’s and it’s been crafted into something that I think is truly representative of my personality.  Sincerest thanks to those of you who have shared your enthusiasm for what I do weekday afternoons on WBPM.  But that’s only a small part of what keeps me busy.  Our morning guy, Bob Miller, jokingly and quite respectfully calls me “Serge” – short for Sergeant – because I’m also the Program Director, Music Director, Image Director, Promotions Director and I host station appearances.  Getting out of the studio and meeting our listeners is the most rewarding part of the job and I’m incredibly pleased with the success of 92.9 WBPM as a result of my management and direction.

But everything I do for WBPM is my ‘second job’ here.  My main responsibility is management of our Creative Services and Commercial Production Department and Frankenberry – one of our weekend personalities and Miller’s primary fill-in – is my assistant.  Together, we are responsible for all of the commercials for all 7 of our radio stations so you will often hear us on commercials for local businesses.   And there are a number of other things I’m involved with so there’s no shortage of stuff to keep me busy every day at work.

I think you can tell that I’m very passionate about radio; it’s gotta be “in your blood” if you’re going to succeed in this business. But there is plenty of ‘free time’ in my schedule;  I enjoy a wide variety of movies and a lot of TV shows – especially British TV shows … skiing, bike riding, bowling, billiards and tennis when I can find someone to play with.

I can remember being a little kid and being fascinated with what I heard coming out of the radio.  But I think what really inspired me to pursue it as a career was the TV show WKRP in Cincinatti.  It’s 40 years since that show debuted and it still stands up really well today by comparison to what happens here at WBPM… although we’re notably more professional.   And I love the fact that the guy who did the end theme to the show sang rubbish lyrics because he knew that CBS would be doing continuity announcements over the show’s end credits when it played … so why bother writing real lyrics?    Hilarious and brilliant.

Thanks for listening to 92.9 WBPM and I’ll be looking for you around town!


My radio obsession started when I hugged my little transistor every night, faithfully listening and mimicking the DJ’s on Houston radio – I always wondered why I heard so few women on the air and became determined to change that!

Music was always blasting in our house. Between my Mom and siblings, I grew up glued to the radio and loved everything from Patsy Cline to Donna Summer, from James Brown to Deep Purple. I learned to love and appreciate all types of music.

In my teens, I wanted to combine my love for music, sense of humor and desire to connect to people so of course I chose radio. Just two weeks out of high school, I enrolled in broadcast training and shortly after, I got my first radio gig as producer at Metro Traffic in Houston.

I’ve worked as a DJ mostly in New York and Houston radio with some stops in Louisiana and Connecticut. Besides radio, I was the first female jock to spin at major dance clubs in Houston in the 80’s.

Working at ‘BPM is a blast and I love the wide mix of great music I get to play for you every Saturday afternoon. Thanks for tuning in and…I’ll see ya when I see ya! 😉

Frankenberry here, weekends and mornings for Bob Miller when he’s downtown answering questions and wondering who’s going to post bail this time. I’m also a production guy who builds a lot of the commercials and promo’s you hear (sorry about the commercials part).

Radio for me started at Waynesburg College close to Pittsburgh in 1982, continued in the Grad School days at West Virginia University, also close to Pittsburgh and it made me money for the first time at WDVE and WXDX in Pittsburgh even closer to Pittsburgh (early to mid 90’s). There was one other radio stop after that, Dayton Ohio, before I took a break from radio while doing a wide range of things from tending bar, to checking in guests, or lugging luggage, or serving drinks at a Beachside resort, to wearing tights and a big ass plastic head that afforded quite the view at that same beachside resort, to selling books, baking cookies and scones, pawning a great portion of my CD collection and even a freelance gig where I get the credit of “grip” on the end of broadcast scroll. That’s kinda cool actually.

Once back in radio, which was here in Hudson Valley, I worked at a number of stations, from K-104 to WPDH to Mix 97 to The Wolf and now WBPM. I’ve done overnights, afternoons, weekends and a well rated morning show, jocked at multiple formats, ran a station, been fired twice…then I landed here. 14 years and counting here in the Valley, 3 years now with Pamal and WBPM. You might know me. If not. Frankenberry here.


Hello there.  I’m Jimmy Lyles (aka Jimmy “Cadillac” Lyles if you ask Bob Miller) and I absolutely love playing great music for you on the radio! I think the BEST time to listen to 92.9 WBPM is from 1pm-6pm on Saturday afternoons… but I’m partial (hint: that’s my weekend time slot!) Besides weekends, I also get the opportunity to sit in for JJ Carter and the Ran-Man… but most often, I’m the guy you’ll see around town at most of WBPM’s events! (or eating dinner with the Ran-Man at Smoky Rock BBQ in Rhinebeck!)

Some fun facts:

–       I own a DJ & Photo Booth Company named Jimmy Lyles Productions (clever, huh?)

–       I’m the Executive Director of a national touring dance organization, Coast 2 Coast Dance Across America… which has allowed me to teach and DJ in all 50 United States

–       My favorite vacation spot is Disney World in Florida

–    The way to my heart is cheeses and meats… just in case you are looking for Christmas or Birthday presents (mine is November 16th!)

–       I was born and raised right here in the Hudson Valley and I’m thrilled to make this great place my radio home!

Have some thoughts, questions, or comments? Send me an email at: or visit my website at and let’s chat!

And last but not least, I always end each show with a little reminder to “be kind to one another… will ya?”