Thousand Dollar Minute

Bank of Greene County $1,000 Minute (round 2 questions & answers)

Congratulations to Anthony from Wappingers Falls for answering them all correctly and picking up a delicious Grand (in unmarked singles, of course)

Although it started out as something else, it is now the world’s best.


There are 2,707 steps in this.

(Walkway over the Hudson)

We actually have the military to thank for this tasty snack.


This was invented by employees messing around at a rubber factory.

(Whoopie cushion)

This started out as a bank commercial.

(We’ve only just begun)

We said good-bye to this mascot in 1997.

(Joe Camel)

The average person said they were 16 when they first experience this.


This kills appx. 24 people a year.

(champagne corks)

Although it’s happened several times since, it happened for the 1st time in 1876.

(Chicago Cubs win the Nat’l League pennant)

This is #24. What is it?

(the letter ‘X’) 24th letter of the alphabet.