Fishkill opens new Pickleball courts!

From our friends at News 12.

Town officials noticed the increasing demand for outdoor pickleball courts, and put the recreation and highway departments to work.

The Fishkill Parks and Recreation and Highway Departments just finished work on a six-court outdoor pickleball paradise at Doug Phillips Park.

The town has been trying to keep up with the demand for pickleball courts as the sport's popularity skyrockets. Town officials are also being mindful of some neighbors who were initially concerned about the high-pitched noise every time someone hits a ball.

Local pickleballer Tina Shebetone helped Fishkill catch the pickleball bug when she started an indoor pickleball league at the town recreation center.

The town is also planning two more pickleball courts at another nearby park to keep up with the demand, and are relying on current in-house employees to build them instead of contractors to keep construction costs lower.

REUTERS/Kevin Fogarty

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