Bill Williams

I’ve been playing the hits for the last 48 years, since my first radio job at WTLB in Utica in 1976. After WTLB I landed my second job at WPTR in Albany. With the station being 50,000 watts, It was a regular thing to receive requests from listeners in Canada, and along the east coast.

In 1978 my first full-time radio job brought me to WDOT in Burlington Vermont. I worked the night shift, which also included running the control board for Yankee games.

After Vermont, I returned to the Hudson Valley, and have been there ever since, working at WHUC and WRVW in Hudson, WCKL and WCTW in Catskill, WGHQ and B-94 in Kingston, Q-92 and WKIP in Poughkeepsie, and WGY and WGY-FM in Albany.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the many types of music I’ve played, gathered, wrote, and read the local news, spent a couple of years doing traffic reports, and appeared at hundreds, if not thousands, of parades, community events, grand openings, and other remote broadcasts.

I grew up and continue to reside in Columbia and Greene Counties, and have always considered the Hudson Valley my home.

Two of my greatest thrills, as a radio person, was in 1976, when I traveled to NYC and met both Dan Ingram on WABC and Imus on WNBC.

One interesting note, It was my job to pick the call letters when 92.9 first went on the air in 1999. After reviewing a list of the available choices, I picked WRKW because the station would have a rock format and RK seemed to fit.

After three years working in print media, I am very happy to be returning to Hudson Valley Radio, and especially happy to be a part of WBPM.


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