Randy Turner

I’m so proud to be able to say that I’ve maintained a career in radio for amazed that I’ve been active in radio for over 36 years … 25+ of that has been spent in the Hudson Valley. I honestly thought I would be here for a couple years and wind up somewhere else … but I guess I really do live here now.

I’ve been doing the “Rolling Home Show” since the mid-90’s and it’s been crafted into something that I think is truly unique on radio. Sincerest thanks to those of you who have shared your enthusiasm for what I do weekday afternoons on WBPM. But that’s only a small part of what keeps me busy. Our morning guy, Bob Miller, jokingly and quite respectfully calls me “Serge” – short for Sergeant – because I’m also the WBPM Program Director, Music Director, Image Director, Promotions Director, manage our events / appearances and I host station appearances. Getting out of the studio and meeting our listeners is the most rewarding part of the job and I’m incredibly pleased with the success of WBPM as a result of my management and direction.

But everything I do for WBPM is my ‘second job’ here. My main responsibility is management of our Creative Services and Commercial Production Department and Frankenberry – one of our fill in personalities – is my assistant. Together, we are responsible for all of the commercials for all 9 of our radio stations so you will often hear us on commercials for local businesses on all of our stations. I’m also the Program Director, Music Director, Image Director and Promotions Manager for Magic 92.5 WGHQ AM and FM in Kingston which is a unique ‘kitchen sink’ nostalgia based oldies variety format that I developed. And there are a number of other things I’m involved with so there’s no shortage of stuff to keep me busy every day at work.

I learned … many years ago… that to succeed in this business, it’s got to be “in your blood”… but there is plenty of ‘free time’ in my schedule; I enjoy a wide variety of movies and a lot of TV shows – especially British TV shows … bike riding, bowling, billiards and tennis when I can find someone to play with.

I can remember being a little kid and being fascinated with what I heard coming out of the radio. But what really inspired me to pursue it as a career was the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. It’s 40 years since that show debuted and it still stands up really well today by comparison to what happens here at WBPM… although we’re notably more professional. And I love the fact that the guy who did the end theme to the show sang rubbish lyrics because he knew that CBS would be doing continuity announcements over the show’s end credits when it played … so why bother writing real lyrics? Hilarious and brilliant.

Thanks for listening to 92.9 and 96.5 WBPM and I’ll be looking for you around town!

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