Helping Hands Of Rockland Show Vow To Serving Their Community

“Helping Hands For The Homeless of Rockland”, an Interfaith volunteer organization, has recently became acknowledged by its community for its grand efforts in making sure all who live within are being fed. With an end goal in mind to fight off food insecurity and lower the rates of homelessness, this organization has become quite a help,,,and their mobile kitchen has been a true benefit to those who need it most. 

The organization’s mobile kitchen is a shiny blue food truck, propped right where the community can see it. This mobile kitchen helps to distribute meals to over 80 people, with a grand total of 160 meals handed out each day. Visitors are each given a hot breakfast, as well as a bagged lunch, helping to fight off the struggle of food accessibility to those whom face it within their daily lives. 

Executive Director Anna Kobelka has spoke out about the organizations mission, making sure to acknowledge that they do not turn away anyone that approaches the truck…with hopes that those who need it most, are made aware of their accessibility to it!!

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