Honoring The Life Of Officer Daniel DiDato

Our community is mourning the loss of Town of East Fishkill Officer Daniel DiDato. Didato is said to have been a great man, someone who strived to not only serve our communities, but to protect all within it. Therefore, it is with our most deepest condolences, that we honor his memory and send our sympathies to his family, friends, and loved ones.

Officer Didato had been part of the East Fishkill Police Department since 2005, with an initial start to his career in 2001 for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The 47-year-old is said to have been " genuine, smart, courageous, tough, and witty.". 

The announcement of DiDato's passing came on December 18th, when the news released that he had been involved in a single car crash. It has been noted that DiDato was in current Line of Duty, as he was traveling to Valhalla's Westchester Medical Center to continue an investigation with an accident victim (whom was struck earlier in the hour right in front of the East Fishkill Police Department). Officer DiDato's passing came as a result of his vehicle being ran off the road, causing him to hit a tree on the Taconic Parkway. The weather is said to have made a major impact on this crash. 

We are sending all of our thoughts and prayers to our community, as well as to Officer DiDato's loved ones. We extend our gratitude for his service, and will continue to honor his memory.


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