Hudson Valley’s First Snowfall Of 2024

That’s right folks, we have officially experienced our FIRST snowfall of the 2024 season!! And, boy, did it do us in. 

This image reflects the original forecast for this weekend’s expected snowfall: 

Residents were made highly aware of the possibility of a big storm to come, well over a week ago. As it is now Sunday afternoon, we can reflect on the impact preparedness had on us for this first indent of winter weather on our 2024 New Year. And although most areas were very well-prepared for the impact of a storm (that thankfully was not as powerful as expected), the snowfall that came from this weekend is HUGE!!

In fact, listed below is the range of inches received over the past 24 hours: 

Around 2-3 inches fell in Southern Westchester (near White Plains and Ossining)

3-5 inches of fell in Northern Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties 

Newburgh received 9 inches, Middletown received 11 inches, and Port Jerri’s received (a WHOPPING) 13 inches!!!


The HV region got pretty lucky this snowfall, as the prepared nature of things allowed for a pretty smooth sailing in terms of travel and commute. The initial storm warning has since been adjusted to a Winter Weather Advisory, and although slowly moving, the weather will remain pretty consistent in terms of wind gust, snowfall, and precipitation. 

But, with that being said, happy (FIRST) snowfall of the New Year!! Be safe. 

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