Krispy Kreme Collaborates With "Elf" For Specialty Donuts

When people think of donuts, specifically Krispy Kreme, their mouths start to water. And when people think of the Elf movie, there are always smiles to come. So, why not mix the two together?

For the first time, Krispy Kreme is collaborating with the "Elf" franchise for a limited time Elf-inspired collection. The collection consists of several donuts, all contributing to a common resemblance to scenes of the fan-favorite movie. Now, we all know Buddy the Elf loves sweets, but we think that this collection would truly have him jumping for joy!!

The collection will make its debut November 24th, alongside some other goodies too (such as hot and cold drinks!!). So, make sure to go spoil that sweet tooth of yours...and "treat every day like Christmas". 

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