Michael Jackson "Beat It" Video Breaks Billion Views On Youtube

The reigning King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has continuously reached milestones in his career. Between most viewed videos, chart-topping anthems, and recent (as well as) upcoming posthumous films, Jackson has and forever will be the one to beat. 

Jackson recently reached, yet again, another milestone. For the third time, MJ has broke the milestone of being part of Youtube's "Billion Views Club". Members of this "club" are artists who have reached over a billion views on their music videos, which makes it even more remarkable that he reached this milestone just this week (despite the video being released back in 1983). 

This billion-view record break is in regard to the iconic "Beat It" video, which has become Youtube's most recent billion view stream on the platform. This is the THIRD time Jackson has hit the Billion View mark, as he also hit it for his "Billie Jean" and "They Don't Really Care About Us" videos. 

Regardless of his unfortunate passing, Michael Jackson will forever be an icon to many. To celebrate his career and continuing accomplishments, make sure to keep streaming and supporting his work. And don't forget to watch the "Beat It" video too, for some nostalgia!! 

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