Selena Gomez Talks Upcoming Career Choices

Selena Gomez has been in the entertainment industry longer than many people seem to recall, leaving her to be well known for a variety of different reasons. The star wears many hats, many of which became revealed within the last few years. Apart from her notable singing and acting careers, fans have further grown to know Gomez for her online cooking show, “Rare Beauty” cosmetics line, as well as her performance as both a lead role and Producer in the show “Only Murders In The Building” (which, if you haven’t watched yet, is SUCH a fun, interesting show!!)

Well, in speaking on all of these “hats”,…Gomez announced in a recent interview that there will soon be some potential changes in her current career. She mentions that despite her amazing track record as a songwriter and vocalist, she soon intends to stick primarily to acting. When she mentioned this, the interviewer seemed shocked (as were we!!), which led Gomez to reassure that she believes she still has “one more album” in her!! PHEW. 

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