Town of Fishkill Welcomes First Ever Female Justice

For the first time in its history (of over 230 years!!), the Town of Fishkill has officially welcomed their FIRST ever female justice!!

Theoni Salotto, the new Town justice, has been a resident of the Fishkill community for 20+ years. As a resident, Salotto (alongside her family) have graciously become involved with the community and those within it. Not only did she volunteer both in and out of the bounds of community activities, but she also balanced the roles of a leader, private practice attorney, as well as being a devoted mother to her three children. 

Salotto was sworn in this past Monday at the Fishkill Town Hall, alongside other town officials. Apart from her honorable new role in making history for Female officials in the Fishkill community, she also is acknowledged for her first-generation roots. In fact, Theoni’s family first immigrated to the US from Greece back in 1969. To make her history even more memorable, Salotto admits that she wasn’t aware that her campaign could eventually result in making history until months in to it!!

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