Rod Stewart Charmed Scot Hotel Staff With Generous Tip

Well respected British singer and songwriter Rod Stewart, is known for being one of the best-selling music artists of all times. Although he hails from London, Stewart has gained respect worldwide. All the while, he is also known for becoming pretty well recognized through his signature “raspy” voice. And this past week, Stewart is now being acknowledged as a man of pure generosity when it comes to service workers!!

In celebrating the New Year, Stewart and his family spent time at a Scot Hotel by the name of “Gleneagles Hotel”. The world famous hotel, located in Perthshire, is a luxury retreat in Scotland that many of our dear and loved celebrities have ventured through over time. With Stewarts recent visit, though, he was highly recognized for being more than just a celebrity. In fact, it has made news that he left over a £10,000 tip to the retreats staff…that’s more than 12,000 in US dollars!!!! 

As Rod Stewart is pretty well established as having a “sunshine” personality, his generosity was no true shock to us. Service workers truly allow for much more of a smooth ride in our daily lives, and we applaud Rod for his more than generous attempts at recognizing these workers!! 

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